Tired of being the Step Parent with no say

Being a step parent has it’s good and not so good parts. You get bonus children without having to go through the weight gain and pain of pushing.  There is someone else for you to give love to.  Last but not least you get to enjoy having a blended family.  It doesn’t feel good when your life long partner doesn’t talk to you about things and feel as if they have to go behind your back or keep a secret when they have conversations with the other biological parent.  It’s extremely painful.  What do you do when the subject is ABSOLUTELY unapproachable?  Any and EVERY time it’s bought up, and argument is sure to happen and of course you’re always wrong.  Continuing to keep it inside isn’t healthy for you and you begin to have thoughts that you don’t want to entertain, but what else can you do when you feel like you are completely alone in this. Why shouldn’t this matter be addressed?


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