How do figure out what to do next?  I’m bored at my job, but grateful I have a job.  I’ve been a mom since I was 15 years old, every since then I’ve raised children.  My passion is caring for people, but what about me?  What do I like? I’m currently 38 getting ready to turn 39 next month.  Do I seek for things that spark my interest, do I continue my education, or do I follow my passion by trying to write a book and start painting?  Am I going through a mid-life crisis?


3 thoughts on “LIFE/HELP

  1. You have to reFIND who “MYSISTASCORNER” is (insert your real name) as parents and spouses, we lose a part of ourselves. There comes a point when you have to say “F@#$ this I don’t want to do this or that anymore” Great example:
    You at 27 have a different mindset than you at 37. So you might of liked something at 27 but you might not like it now or vice versa. Try to take the steps to redefine yourself. It could be something so small and simple. Let’s say at 27, you love the color red because your spouse at the time said “you look pretty in it” Let’s fast forward 10 years later, and you are no longer with your spouse and you don’t like red anymore. It’s ok to find your new color. I’ve been working on this type of mentality myself. I’m just like “whatever” I’m going to discover what I like or don’t like again.

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