Tell me again why marijuana isn’t legal

  1. No overdoses
  2. Doesn’t cause death
  3. Peaceful
  4. Could generate funds for schools, recreation centers, and abuse counseling
  5. Could save money from border patrol
  6. Could save money on special force

One thought on “Tell me again why marijuana isn’t legal

  1. Oh my bad I didn’t see this post as well. I smoked weed from 1997 till 2007. I think it shouldn’t be legal. And only because of big tobacco and the regulations the government or ATF will put in to place. ATF will be MATF the M of course standing for Marijuana. Just think on a national level, tobacco industries have the infrastructure, the warehousing, the distribution, the trucks, the promotions etc. And if the Tobacco industry turned pure Tobacco into arsenic and ammonia, imagine what they will do to weed. There’s already synthetic weed.

    Other than that will the penalties for people selling weed be more harsh? Imagine if I’m ya weed man and weed is now legal to sell that means me, as your weed man will really have to be on the under with the sells. You ever see how hard the ATF comes down on people selling Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms without a permit?

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