I was driving in back of a pick up truck with a sticker that read “Trump”. This was no ordinary bumper sticker, it was decorated in the confederate flag and I had to explain to my 9 year old son why someone in today’s world still show support for the confederate flag.  How am I …a Black woman suppose to do that without sounding racist?  I’ll tell you’ I simply said, “son it is one of your constitutional rights to support whatever you would like”.  Is it right?  Unknown . Should we have to deal with it? No.  But I would rather know that someone didn’t like me vs someone pretending to like me and me not knowing.

Son: Why is he able to try and run the world he doesn’t like black people?

Me: It’s the world we live in son

Son: How? Remember all of the important things that Black people have done for White people?

Me: I sure do son, I sure do

Son: Can you tell me again why we should do anything or like white people if that’s how they want to treat us?  We should make a sticker to show that we hate white people.

Me: Silent…….After a few minutes of trying to figure out what to say….Because not all white people are bad and if we did that, that would make us just like them.

Son: It’s just not fair Ma


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