This is for my black brother’s and sister’s……Just like many of us, I was raised up on the power of “Christ” our savior, but lately my eyes have been opened to new information regarding who “God” is.  Don’t get me wrong I know there is definitely a higher power, but I’m confused.  If “Jesus” was introduced/given to us to teach us obedience during slavery, who did we call upon and or pray to before “Jesus” and why don’t we hear about it?

I responded to a post on Facebook asking who are black people suppose to pray to and the answer was “Heru”. I’ve never heard this name in my entire 38 years of life, yet it intrigued me to do a little digging.  The information that I’ve found is wonderful and eye opening, but my questions are……Do I start to worship this God?  Will I be punished for putting another God before this one? Where can I go to gain the knowledge that I desire?


One thought on “GOD

  1. Heru: “I am Horus who stepeth onward through eternity…Eternity and everlastingness is my name.”

    Heru: “I am the possessor of bread in Anu. I have bread in heaven with Ra.”

    Heru-ur “Horus the Great”; Heru-merti “Horus of the two eyes,” Heru-khuti “Horus of the two horizons,” the type of which on earth was the sphinx. Heru-sam-taui “Horus the uniter of the north and south”

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